Today, the development of railways is associated with full-scale digitalization, which will dramatically increase the efficiency and flexibility of the transport industry. The main goals of digitalization are to increase the operational efficiency of business processes, including:

  • Increasing the speed, quality and accuracy of the processes performed
  • Minimizing the number of errors and their significance, leveling the human factor
  • Identification of new cause-and-effect relationships and dependencies by processing large arrays of unstructured information and applying advanced data analysis algorithms
  • Transfer of physical and material objects to the digital environment for subsequent remote control and real-time monitoring

We have created a team for the implementation of complex IT projects using modern information technologies.

Our main targets:

  • Process automation. Development of own software products and solutions, implementation of new technologies to automate business operations
  • Systems integration. Correct joint work of all systems used in the company
  • Data management. Organization of collection, storage, protection and processing of data
  • Ensuring cybersecurity. Protecting systems, networks, devices and data in the company
  • Maintenance of IT systems. Ensuring that the company's IT systems are working properly, as well as being updated in a timely manner
  • Providing technical support. Solving issues related to the operation of software and devices