The main activity of TTT Service LLP is the provision of services for the organization of freight transportation by rail..

Locomotive traction services have been provided by the Company since 2008 in freight and shunting traffic, and since 2018 the Company has been providing services for the organization of cargo transportation by rail.

The company owns 33 mainline diesel locomotives and electric locomotives, 11 2ES7 electric locomotives were purchased in 2021. The fleet of shunting locomotives continues to be replenished with new TEM9 locomotives, There is a staff of qualified locomotive crews. The company has its own locomotive depots and locomotive repair facilities at several railway stations, as well as rest homes to accommodate locomotive crews.

To carry out the activity, a state license has been obtained to carry out transportation activities, the tariff for locomotive traction services and freight and commercial work services in the governement authority has been protected.

The Company gained access to the main railway network by concluding an agreement with JSC NC KTZ for the provision of services to the main railway.



Electric locomotives 16

2ES7 - 11 units
VL80 - 5 units

Mainline locomotives 17

SKD9s - 16 units
2ТE10М - 1 unit

Shunting locomotives 33

ТEМ14 - 4 units
ТEМ2 - 8 units
SKD6е - 5 units
ТEМ9 - 16 units

More than 10 years of experience

Experience in providing locomotive traction services for more than 10 years.


Availability of specialized equipment for operational provision of diesel fuel for locomotives, locomotive servicing and loading and unloading operations.

Technical Staff

  • 210 qualified locomotive crews
  • Operational workers in locomotive depots and stations
  • Qualified training staff, regularly conducting training and preparation of locomotive crews
  • The apparatus of train dispatchers
  • Commodity cash desks and cargo receivers

Routes Served as a Carrier

Atyrau Branch of the Road
  • Tendyk station – Makat station – Kandyagash station
  • Tendyk station – Ak-Zhaiyk station - Atyrau station – Makhambet station
Pavlodar Branch of the Road
  • Pavlodar-port station – Pavlodar station
  • Pavlodar station – Nur-Sultan 1 station – Ondyrys crossing loop
  • Pavlodar station – Aksu-1 station
Shymkent Branch of the Road
  • Tekesu station – Kazykurt station
  • Kazykurt station – Taraz station
  • Kazykurt station – Arys 1 station
  • Kazykurt station - Shu station
  • Shu station – Almaty-1 station

Other routes are possible, if the client is interested.

Locomotive Traction Services
  • Dostyk station – Alashankou station (China)
Shunting services
(supply/cleaning of cars)
  • Pavlodar Oil Chemistry Refinery (Pavlodar Port station)
  • RTI – Atyrau Refinery LLP (Tendyk station)
  • KPI LLP (Karabatano station)
  • DTT LLP (Dostyk station)

Map of Lines and Stations

Freight transportation routes