SKD-7 LLP is its own repair facility equipped with appropriate plant and equipment, lifting mechanisms, bench equipment, with an accredited chemical laboratory, accredited verification laboratory for repair and verification of measuring equipment.


Astana, Almaty, Altynkol, Matay, Koksu, Atyrau, Makat, Pavlodar, Shymkent, Dostyk for periodic maintenance of locomotives (from maintenance TO-2 to overall repair (KR).


SKD-7 LLP is one of the two basic enterprises that repairs and maintains shunting locomotives for KTZ - Freight Transportation LLP in Kazakhstan. A long-term contract has been signed, for a period up to 2027, for maintenance of 74 SKD-6 shunting locomotives.


SKD7 LLP is represented by 3 service centers, 2 production sites located on the railway network of the South-Eastern region and the Atyrau region of operation of locomotives owned by the company group. There are more than 270 employees. Maintenance of more than 100 units of locomotives.

The main activities are:

  • Maintenance of new 2ES7, SKD9s, SKD6e, TEM14 locomotives
  • Maintenance of old TEM2 locomotives
  • Maintenance cycle TOW-8 (KR-1) locomotives SKD6e, TEM2
  • Maintenance TO-8 (TR-3), TO-7 (TR-2), TO-6 (TR-1), TO-3, TO-4, TO-2 of (SKD9s, SKD6e) locomotives
  • Own physico-chemical laboratory

Repair Production Facilities

  • SC1 – Matay (PU Dostyk);
  • SC2 – Almaty (PU Altynkol);
  • SC3 – Makat


By providing high-quality maintenance of traction rolling stock throughout the entire "life" cycle, we guarantee the safety and continuity of railway communication. Thanks to a strong team and continuous development, we strive to become a model of a modern service company.

Company's Strategic Objectives:

  • proper maintenance of its own fleet of locomotives;
  • daily provision of own needs with a serviceable operational fleet of locomotives;
  • expanding the circle of customers, increasing the portfolio of orders;
  • strengthening technological ties with manufacturing plants;
  • increasing in the volume of own production of spare parts, assemblies, aggregates, components;
  • introduction of high-tech equipment for locomotive repairs.